Why Islam is the fastest growing religion?

After Christianity, Islam is the second fastest growing religion in the world. According to studies from the US-based Pew Research Center, this may change if the present population trends continue. According to a recently published study that relies on Pew Research Center’s initial population growth forecasts for various groups, Christianity’s longtime reign as the fastest […]Read More

6 Actions to perform for cyber safety

Cyberattacks are becoming a bigger problem for businesses, governments, and people. Whether they come from so-called hacktivist groups or cyberwarfare units, these kinds of attacks are becoming a greater concern and could steal your important data, so that’s why, cyber safety is important. We’ve all heard about companies that paid huge fines or even went […]Read More

9 Tips & Tricks for effective communication in the workplace

Effective Communication is an important factor of getting any job done, whether it occurs in-person or virtually, and is part of the internal communications efforts within an organization. effective communication in the workplace is far more than conversations. It is all about exchanging information through different mediums. Employees share ideas and business strategies and goals […]Read More

7 Useful Tips for writing email effectively

Email drafting skills are necessary in this modern world. Double-check your email address before you hit the send button. There are so many email templates to follow. Newsletter templates can also be used for email writing. Here are some tips for writing emails 1. Writing a meaningful subject line Before hitting send,” take a moment […]Read More