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13 Most Brilliant Tech Hacks Ever On Internet

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Most Brilliant Tech Hacks

There are vast amounts of tech hacks related tips and tricks out there that will completely simplify your everyday routine and make overall your life much easier.

For example, Apple’s charging cords for IOS devices and Macs start to fade after a few years of use, meaning you’ll have to spend money every couple of years to repair them (unless you don’t care about them catching fire and losing everything you own and love). Oh, we know a neat hack that will, in the first place, avoid fraying your Apple cords.

We don’t even giggle. We Know tones of different hacks, and each of them will either blow your mind or make you wonder how long without them you’ve ever lived

1. Upgrade your Wi-Fi Signal


If you think your home Wi-Fi is a little flaky, then it could be because you get some Wi-Fi interference interfering with yours from your neighbor. The Wi-Fi Analyzer software is probably the solution to your woes. This app scans frequencies and makes suggestions on the best channels to be used on your network to prevent interference. The effect is better wifi signal strength, with much less difficulty.

2. Download Videos From YouTube

download button among youtube stickers , Tech Hacks

You can download YouTube videos simply by typing “ss” in your address bar before the “YouTube” portion of the URL link for a video. For Justin Bieber’s Sorry music video, here is an example:

Initial- www.youtube.com/observe?V=fRh vgS2dFEFile

Download- www.ssyoutube.com/observe?V=df vgS2dFE

You can choose not only from various types of files but also any resolution up to the original quality. Only note it’s illegal to download copyrighted content from the internet. You can also find many YouTube video downloader online. But this is an effective and easy YouTube downloader online.

3. Just Improve Your Writing Easily

If you’re writing an essay or a bit of content and need some revision, using Google Translate is an easy solution. There are some exercises to improve writing skills. Just enter your content, and press the speaker to read it aloud. This will help you find mistakes in your work easily, and it makes sense to check that.

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4. Find Wikipedia Pages Nearby

Mobile screen shows wikipedia page, Tech Hacks

Want to read more about your neighborhood? Wikipedia has a Nearby platform that exposes a host of pages about locations and things close to you. Just go to this site, permit it to access your account, then you can see a list of Wikipedia articles based on where you are. Amazing Balloons

5. Search YouTube

search youtube from chrome address bar , Tech Hacks

YouTube searching has never been simpler than with this trick: you can type YouTube.com into your address bar when you use the Google Chrome browser, then click the button, and search YouTube directly from your address bar. The days of going to YouTube to find something are gone. This little trick works even for other pages. Amazon, Netflix, and even Pocket-lint can be checked right from your address bar.

6. YouTube TV

youtube Tv home screen, Tech Hacks

When we use the web from a desktop computer, we all enjoy a distraction-free, clutter-free browsing experience. Ok, you’ll be pleased to know that YouTube has a web platform called “TV,” which allows you to play videos without seeing all the junk on regular YouTube sites, including comments. Just go in here to get to it ( https://tv.youtube.com/welcome )

7. Shortcut To Pause Videos On YouTube

Small tricks we think are fun too. For example, when you press K or spacebar while watching a YouTube video, the video will pause or play. How elegant is this? And it works no matter where you’ve last clicked on the tab.

8. There Are Also Other Key-Shortcuts:

Push J to rewind for 10 seconds

Press L to pace 10 seconds

F lets you wallpaper

Home takes you to the video startup

M mutes the tone

Arrows up and down move the volume up and down

9. Hide Twitter Users And Their Tweets, Without Blocking Them

twitter login page on iPhone 5s , tech hacks

Twitter’s mute button is a remarkably understated little-known feature you can use without twitter blocking. It helps you to keep following an account, but from your profile, it hides the tweets and retweets. It’s a convenient way to get rid of a person from your Twitter without unfolding them and insulting them. They never know when you’re going to silence them! Only click on the settings screen on someone’s profile to the right, and then pick silence.

10. Log Out Remotely From Facebook On Unknown Devices

Privacy tips are often worth noting, especially when it comes to Facebook, considering everyone and their mother use the social network. But there is a privacy and security issue which is a facebook logout problem. Have you ever tested a weird computer on Facebook and found that you had forgotten to log out? Never be afraid-You can always log out remotely. Go to the drop-down menu ‘Settings’ on your Facebook, then select ‘Security’ and navigate to ‘When you are logged in’ You can see all open sessions from there, and you can close all of them.

11. Get Back To Your Home Screen On Apple TV … QUICKLY!

Apple TV - full setup in pink lights , tech hacks


Have you ever flipped through stuff to watch and discovered that you had thirty deep menus? Yeah, you are not alone, but instead of a few times pressing the menu button on the remote to get back to the home screen of Apple TV (as most people do), push one button for a long time. The Menu icon. It’s just so clear. You can eliminate the dreaded thumb cramp now

12. Take A Selfie With Your Apple Earpods

iphone and airpods , Tech Hacks

Your Apple Earpods take a picture using your Earpods then press the + button on the remote Apple earbuds while the camera app is open. You can also use the play/pause button in the center of the screen when in video mode, to start/stop video recording

13. Creating A Digital Signature Using Demo

If you have a digital document that you must sign, now is the time to use Mac’s Preview app finally. You can open the Tools menu in Preview, select Annotate > Signature > Manage Signatures, and a Signature Capture dialogue box will appear instead of printing off the documents to sign. Just use the mouse to draw a signature that you can save/insert into any text.


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