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11 Science-Backed Healthy Habits And Hacks That Will Improve Your Health

Measure your Food - Healthy Habits

Hacks to Improve Your Health

We found such epic hacks and healthy habits that really works! Life is always busy, chaotic, and full of unpredictable surprises. So why add to the confusion by making wellbeing more difficult than it should be? Hack your way to healthier with these 11 smart kitchen and fitness tricks and healthy habits that will save you time, money, and headache. Use these hacks for weight loss, a boost in stamina, or to feel a little better healthy lifestyle. The following healthy habits will make you feel comfortable with your daily routine.

1. Start Your Morning With Some Lemon Water

Benefits Of lemon water , Healthy Habits

Start with a glass of water with fresh-squeezed lemon or lemon oil every morning! (Only make sure it’s an edible, 100% natural-glade oil, and nothing synthetic if you go down the essential oil route). Lemon water in the morning has so many advantages, but the key reasons to drink it are that it flushes your toxin system, alkalizes your body, and keeps your digestive system running as it should be included in your healthy habits. Benefits of lemon water also include that you will have more control over fights off inflammation and gives you an all-natural health boost that is easy to peasy, lemon squeezy.

2. Take Meditation To Clear Your Mind

transcendental meditation, Healthy Habits

It is one of the good science-backed healthy habits. Setting aside as little as five minutes to meditate each day pays off big: those who indulge in frequent meditation are less depressed, sleep better, and have increased immune function than those who don’t include this in their healthy habits. (Check out more reasons to meditate on science, here!) Meditating at the beginning of the week is particularly helpful in collecting your energy and going through the busy week with a positive mind.

3. Using Baking Soda As A Scrub

Uses Of Baking Soda , Healthy habits

Combine a few teaspoons of baking soda to 1-2 tables of water, and you’ve got a scrub of natural produce! You may apply a spray bottle to the mixture, or place it in a big mixing bowl. Either way, use the remedy to remove chemicals, dirt, and other unwanted goodies in your product from any nook and cranny. Make sure the veggies and fruits are rinsed thoroughly afterward for a new, clean taste.

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4. Fancy A Bottle To Drink More Water

drinking a gallon of water a day , Healthy Habits

If you struggle with enough water throughout the day, a permanent marker and a clear water bottle may be the cute but efficient hack you need for your wellbeing. Divide the bottle into intervals of 200 ml, which coordinates with every hour of the day and with your healthy habits. You’ll reach the magic of eight glasses by dinner if you stay on track!

5. Prepare The Way To Have Healthy Lunches

healthy meals , Healthy Habits

When the weekdays get excessively busy, we’re always left to bad lunch options like fast food restaurants or anything nearest to the workplace. It must be included in your healthy habits. To cook chicken breasts, hard boil eggs, make a big batch of brown rice, chop vegetables, and more as a healthy breakfast, on Sunday — or whatever day of the week you have a little time as one of your weekly healthy habits. This way, you can prepare many lunches and dinners at a time, using various herbs and add-ons to give each dish a variety of flavors!

6. Take A Break With The Stretch – Healthy Habits

stretches for lower back , Healthy Habits

A mid-day stretch break enhances your energy, focuses better, and improves your mood! Set aside 5 minutes as one of your daily healthy habits to stretch the muscles in between long work periods. Upper body workout and lower back exercises are the most effective. Back stretches will never make you feel old.

7. Turn Your Ride Into An Opportunity To Laugh

have some activity in Traffic Block - Healthy habits

Nothing drains the joy of a day like waiting in traffic, but thanks to podcasts, you will find a silver lining in every long commute. Ripping along to a funny podcast helps the time move faster, helps you to decompress from work, and helps you to forget that you are traveling at a speed of a snail

8. Save Wild Herbs With An Ice Cube Platter

Ice Cubes - Healthy Habits

Do not shoot them when your fresh herbs are on the way out (aka beginning to turn brown or wilting)! Put chopped herbs instead in ice cube trays, fill them with olive oil, and freeze. Now you’ll have cubes ready to sauté vegetables and meat or to mix in sauces!

9. Get Some Workout While Watching Your Favorite Show

workout routines - Healthy habits

We are all guilty. We say the hit gym doesn’t have enough time in the day, but we still find time to watch three hours of television each night. How about making good use of that TV? Whether you prefer Grey’s Anatomy, Shark Tank, or Modern Family (or 40 other shows), you’ll get a “watch and work” workout! Check out our seven workouts to do while watching your favorite television shows that will make you sweat while keeping up with pop culture.

10. Use Essential Oils To Clean Ourselves More Naturally

Essential Oils - Health habits

There are so many uses for essential oils, but to top our list of natural cleaning solutions. Moreover, who wouldn’t prefer natural lemon and lime to smelly chemicals and to clean products? Combine baking soda, vinegar, and a few drops of lime oil to scrub out the tub or sink; refresh your kitchen sponge with a few drops of lemon oil between uses.

11. Never Buy Yet Another Rotting Avocado

Avocado - healthy habits

Avocados are pricey and speak about bad news bears when you end up with a rotten one. You will prevent the travesty of this grocery store by flicking off the bottom of the dry plant. If you see a brown patch below the base, then bring it back. Put it in the cart if you see a bright yellow-green hue.

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