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8 Best new upcoming features of Apple’s iOS 16

ios 16

Apple has finally unveiled iOS 16, the newest version of its mobile operating system for the iPhone and the successor to iOS 15, after months of anticipation and speculation. The business came to the stage at Apple’s annual developer conference, known as Apple WWDC iOS 16 2022, and detailed each important new feature that users may anticipate receiving in the update. It is a release that delivers enhancements to a variety of different applications.

Apple says that iOS 16 will come out in late 2022. The company hasn’t said much more than that, but Apple has been releasing major iOS updates in September of the year they come out for years now, so it’s almost certain that the finished version of iOS 16 release date will be in September 2022, likely with the iPhone 14 line. The latest iOS 16 beta is already in work and it’s in hands of both developers and public beta testers. Exactly when is iOS 16 coming out ? according to the sources, Apple is planning an event on September 7, 2022. So there is a possibility that apple iOS 16 will release on that day.

Here, we talk about the best new iOS 16 features that are coming in iOS 16:

1. Customizable Lock Screen:

The lock screen is one of the things you look at most on your iPhone, especially if it has Face ID. With the apple iPhone iOS 16, the lock screen gets its most importantly up-to-date. Press and hold to change your lock screen. You can swipe to try out a variety of looks. Each style changes the background photo’s color filter and the font on the lock screen so that everything matches. You can even set up multiple lock screens with different widgets that you can switch between with a simple swipe. There is also a feature called “photo shuffle” that changes the pictures on your lock screen for you.

2. Focus Mode:

In this new iOS, Focus Mode gives users the ability to assure that they will not be interrupted while at work by personal interactions, nor will they be disturbed at home by work contacts, which enables them to better separate their professional and personal lives. With apple iPhone iOS 16, Focus Modes have the ability to automatically create a specific configuration for the Lock Screen. In iOS 16 this feature allows you to have a separate Lock Screen for work, home, or any other activity.

3. Messages:

Apple iPhone iOS 16 includes changes to the Texts app that include popular features like the capability to edit messages just after they’ve been delivered. You may restore recently deleted communications, for up to 30 days after removing them. After submitting a message, you have up to 15 minutes to make changes. A new Undo Send option has been added, which is excellent for last-minute modifications. If you wish to respond later without forgetting, you may also mark threads as unread. You can view movies, listen to music, and more while texting pals thanks to SharePlay’s connection with the Messages app.

4. Apple pay:

With the new iOS update, users can get detailed receipts and information about where their orders are in the Wallet app for Apple Pay purchases made at participating stores.

  •         Digital keys and IDs: In apple iPhone iOS 16, support for keys and IDs in the Wallet app is enhanced. For applications that need identification and age verification, users may use their ID in Wallet.
  •         Pay later: Users in the US have the option to divide an Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments over the course of six weeks using Apple Pay Later, which carries no fees or interest. Users may simply monitor and recoup Apple Pay Later payments through the Wallet app, which is integrated with Apple Pay Later.

5. Maps:

Apple Maps will also get some love in iPhone iOS 16. Later this year, more updated cities will be added to the service with more information like lane layouts, local points of interest, and other useful information to help you get around. Apple is also adding multi-step trips to Maps, which has been a feature of most competitors for years. You can plan trips on a Mac ahead of time and ask Siri to add extra stops along the way.

6. Live text in videos:

In iOS 16, Live Text overlays on videos will also get some enhancements. Beginning with Live Text, the ability to extract text from videos will be available to you. You may stop the video on any frame, and then highlight the specific section of text that you desire. You may highlight vast quantities of text in a foreign language with Live Text, which will also function in translation.

7. Fitness App:

In iOS 16 you won’t need an Apple Watch to keep track of your workout progress and achieve your fitness objectives. You can get an estimate of the number of calories you burn each day by using the motion sensors in your iPhone to track the number of steps you take, the distance you travel, and the exercises you do use third-party apps.

8. All new Home App:

In iOS 16, In the redesigned Home tab, users can view their entire house at a glance. Favorite accessories are more easily accessible thanks to the integration of rooms and favorite accessories into the app’s main page. Quick access to all the necessary accessories arranged by room is provided by the categories for Lights, Climate, Security, Speakers and TVs, and Water, along with additional in-depth status information.


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