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5 Hidden And Unseen Windows 10 Features You Have to Know

Windows 10 Features

Hidden And Unseen Windows 10 Features

When Microsoft last launched a new OS update, users were quite disappointed. There have been some very significant shifts in design and layout that have left it uncertain. To prevent the issue this time around, Microsoft kept all the popular features open and some of the latest updates concealed a little more in order to keep users from losing control of the new OS. In new updates, there are plenty of windows 10 new features that many users still don’t recognize. We will share five of windows 10 tips and tricks in this article (which are actually very easy to access and to tweak) so you can use Windows 10 Features as a pro.

1. GodMode

Make your machine an invincible entity by activating what is called GodMode. It is one of the best tip in windows 10 tips. This tool generates a special menu, which compiles a range of different settings and windows 10 shortcuts — such as system management, administrative tools, internet choices, and more windows 10 features. It can often be difficult to go back and forth to locate and make adjustments in the Control Panel, but GodMode prevents this.  Create and Rename a new folder as “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” to enable GodMode in Windows 10. The file icon will change automatically. You will be welcomed with an advanced control panel after you click on it.

Here are some picture representations of enabling GodMode:

Creating New Folder Anywhere in The Windows:

Godmode New Folder, Windows 10 Features

Renaming the New Folder:

Godmode folder in Windows 10 , Windows 10 Features

GodMode Display:

GodMode window on windows 10, Windows 10 Features

Quick Access window in windows 10, Windows 10 Features

2. Windows Sandbox

Windows 10 sandbox was introduced in Windows 10 May 2019 update, allows testing of unknown apps and websites in a secure environment simple. Basically, the function generates a virtualized second copy of Windows inside Windows, where you can run unsafe tasks with firewalls from your main installation. If things go pear-shaped, simply disconnect your virtual PC and start again. Easy-peasy! Easy-peasy! And you can transfer a file out of the quarantine and copy it to Windows 10. The May 2020 update provides networks and the GPU on your PC and even a shared folder between Sandbox and the desktop of your PC unless you take into account the increased risk of the attack. It is the best windows 10 version update till now. To use it, you have to open the control panel windows 10.

Here are some steps to enable it in your Windows 10:

Step 1:

Control Panel of Windows 10, Windows 10 Features

Step 2:

Program and Features of windows 10, Windows 10 Features

Step 3:

Program and Features Of Windows 10, Windows 10 Features


After enabling, your Computer will be prompted to restart. Sign back in after a restart. The Sandbox is ready for your request now. Click the Start button and scroll down the Applications list to open the Windows Accessories folder to open it. In the search area, just type Sandbox. Right-click the Sandbox app and select the Run as administrator option.

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3. Minimize All Windows Except The Active One

If you have your laptop screen too crowded with open windows, you can minimize them all easily except that you are active. Only press the title bar on the window you want to keep. Then hold down the mouse and move the window rapidly back and forth – literally shaking it. After a few short shakes, all other open windows will reduce, and only the one you shook open will be left open. That’s just neat.

Picture Representation:

Control Panel window on windows 10, Windows 10 Features

4. Open The ‘secret’ Start Menu

You know that you press the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen or on your keyboard to get to the Start menu. However, Windows 10 has a lesser-known second start menu that makes it much easier to access important features, including Command Prompt, Control Panel, and Task Manager. You can do this in two different ways. Either a Windows key + X or right-click on the Windows icon/Start button.

Picture Representation:

This PC window on windows 10, Windows 10 Features

5. Manage Applications

The Windows 10 Action Center houses and controls the alerts created by the various applications of your device. However, you may not want to install trembling at all times in any Microsoft Store app, or you may not want to see alerts during presentations. Maybe you want to silence the anxious advertisements the Get Office app produces. Luckily, they’re quick to tweak. Tap the Start menu > Settings > Systems > Notifications and Actions to tinker with your notification settings. Specific Windows Store applications, such as the mail app, tend to have more granular notification choices inside the app’s Settings menus. Focus Assist tool of Microsoft also offers the options to restrict what alerts appear while playing games or other full-screen applications.

Picture Representation:

Notification and Actions in Windows 10, Windows 10 Features

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